Case Study 4: Eco-friendly e-commerce


E-commerce packaging plays a vital role in your online business. On a basic level, the packaging protects your products throughout the shipping process. Here are some tips and tricks to save money, time, and the environment all while growing your brand and online business.


Every online business knows that customer acquisition is expensive. The last thing we want is a negative customer experience. Building a custom package for each of your products serves you and your customers in the following ways:

Reduce Damages in Shipping: Develop a packaging line that serves your top-selling products. The last thing any retailer wants is to get a new customer, and then have them return their purchases because they arrived damaged. These situations snowball and inflate costs, as you have to pay for the fulfillment of the products, freight charges, product cost, the administrative and customer service resources spent on customer retention.

Promote Your Brand: Your shipping materials are an extension of your online or brick-and-mortar store. Let that reflect back in your branded packaging and use this as a tool to market your products and brand story.

Excessive Freight Charges: A lot of online brands and businesses absorb a portion of freight charges to support their customers and encourage them to buy. Poorly designed and bulky packaging results in higher freight costs because rates are decided by weight and dimensions. By building your packaging to suit your company, you save with every transaction.

Why choose SUSTAINABLE E-COMMERCE PACKAGING? The packaging lifecycle has various phases, from the extraction of raw materials to production, transportation, usage and end of the life cycle. Each phase in the cycle has an impact on the environment, whether it be waste to landfills or carbon. Eco-friendly packaging for both in-store and online offers solutions to reduce the overall carbon emissions of your business.

Isn’t Sustainable Packaging More Expensive? Packaging material costs aren’t the only contributing factor to packaging expenses. By taking a holistic approach to cost savings, your business will identify ways to improve the packaging process without compromising on quality.


This one is pretty straightforward. By using the wrong size box or packaging, you:

  • Risk damaging your product, as it will bump against the walls or can get crushed
  • Need to use more filler material to protect your product, which creates more waste
  • Pay more for shipping.

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