The OasisMade Rotisserie Chicken Bag is a food-safe, sustainable and cost-effective alternative to the traditional dome. These are a perfect solution to gain a competitive advantage by marketing to customers your care for the environment while also keeping the production cost low and your quality high. They are 66% LESS WASTE than the dome and 30% SAVINGS than the dome. Not to mention the anti-fog clear window that has unique ventilation keeping fried foods crispy. The grease-resistant package hides messy stains, also retains juices and flavours.

This Rotisserie Chicken Bag features:

  • Compliant with the 2021 ban on single-use plastics
  • Front + 2 side anti-fog windows
  • Easy to carry
  • Sustainable
  • Full-colour printing and customization options

Recommended Sizing: W 22.5 cm x H 28 x Gusset 11 cm

Material: 50g kraft paper + anti-fog opp lamination

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Customize these chicken bags for the purpose of elevating your customer experience with your choice in size, colour, and artwork or logo design. Build out this item to be a physical embodiment of your brand!


Reach out to one of our OasisMade representatives and create the perfect point-of-sale experience for these chicken bags. The options that we offer for custom capabilities let you build out your dream item inside and out. Design the right solution to match your product, beautifully packaged and ready for the store shelves.

Get a quote today and learn more about how you can customize this rotisserie chicken bag and turn it into a great eco-friendly solution for your business!

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