Why choose a Paper Produce Bag?

Paper Produce Bag is a sustainable and cost-effective alternative. These bags are ideal for market stands, grocery stores, bakeries, or coffee shops. The Paper produce bags are compliant with the 2021 ban on single-use plastics.

These bags feature:

  • Flat paper handle for the purpose of ensuring purchases are easy to carry
  • Flat bottom gives it the stability to stand upright on its own
  • Easy to open and package items for fast, efficient service
  • Sturdy kraft paper construction with a strong handle for easy carrying
  • Colour printing and size customization options
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Customize these Paper Produce Bags with your choice in size, colour, and artwork or logo design for an elevated brand experience. Material options include:

  • 100% recycled kraft paper
  • FSC certified paper
  • 100% recycled white kraft paper

Consider these bags a blank canvas for your brand and marketing team to express creativity. Provide us with your brand specs and watch this little brown bag turn into a physical embodiment of your brand.


Reach out to one of our OasisMade representatives to create a bag perfect for your brand’s needs or recommendations on how to best improve your point of sale packaging experience.

Get a quote today and learn more about how you can customize the Paper Produce Bag and turn it into a great eco-friendly solution for your business!

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