Designed to protect the contents from moisture, dirt, and other contaminants, these Barrier Bags ensure the contents are safely stored.

We offer a variety of different packaging solutions for cannabis products offered in the market. Display and package your products properly, freshly, and free from damage. Please contact your sales representative for more information on pricing and customization options.

These Barrier Bags Feature:

  • Contents safely stored.
  • Used to store cannabis flowers, pre-rolls, edibles, or extracts.
  • Custom Options Available.
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We offer custom shapes and sizes, so it fits your needs. We also can design your product with custom packaging for a beautifully finished product ready for store shelves. Our support staff manages logistics, also timelines. They are ready to assist you in dealing with the customization process and timelines, so you don’t have to!


Reach out to one of our OasisMade representatives and create the perfect point-of-sale packaging experience for this barrier bag. The options that we offer for custom capabilities let you build out your dream item inside and out. Design the right packaging solution to match your product, beautifully packaged and ready for the store shelves.

Get a quote today and learn more about how you can customize this item and turn it into a great eco-friendly solution for your business!