This Bamboo and Stainless Steel Mug has the perfect shape. Lightweight, they fit not only perfectly but also comfortably into your hand. Besides, it comes along with a sleek handle design for easy carry. The stainless steel material keeps your favourite beverage hot without burning your fingers, as well as keeps cold drinks cold without any messy condensation.

Design this mug the way you want it with top to bottom customization. Pair this item complete with a beautifully packaged product ready for the store shelves.

The Bamboo and Stainless Steel Mug features:

  • Stainless Steel Insert.
  • Sleek Handle Design.
  • Customization options are available.
  • Custom Orders Available.
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Design the mug with your choice in size, colour, and artwork or logo design for an elevated brand experience. Consider this item a blank canvas for your brand and marketing team to express creativity. Provide us with your brand colour, logo, and design, and watch this item turn into a reality!


Reach out to one of our OasisMade representatives and create the perfect point of sale packaging experience for this mug. The options that we offer for custom capabilities let you build out your dream item inside also out. Design the right packaging solution to match your product, beautifully packaged and ready for the store shelves.

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