The bagasse bowls are the ideal choice for food service operators looking to reduce their environmental impact. Made from renewable sugarcane, these containers are compostable and recycled, making this range the perfect takeaway solution.

Our bagasse containers combine sustainable design with exceptional performance, using pulp that comes from sugar fibres (bagasse) – one of the world’s most abundant annually renewable resources. Sugar cane bagasse is the dry residue left after sugar cane fibre has been pressed for juice. Being a renewable material it is low impact and ideal for producing tableware due to its high strength.

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These bagasse bowls feature:

  • Made from 100% renewable sugar cane fibre
  • Compliant with the ban on single-use plastics
  • Zero plastic waste and fully compostable
  • Sustainable sourcing material
  • Designed to be biodegradable 
  • Microwave safe
  • Oven safe
  • Freezer safe
  • Colour printing and size customization options


Customize these Bagasse Bowls with your choice in size, colour, and artwork or logo design for an elevated brand experience. Consider these bags a blank canvas for your brand and marketing team to express creativity. Provide us with your brand specs and watch this bagasse bowl into a physical embodiment of your brand.


Reach out to one of our OasisMade representatives to create a perfect take-out packaging for your brand’s needs or recommendations on how to best improve your point of sale packaging experience.

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